Index of Am-Tar/01

Index of Am-Tar/01

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Thanksgiving Retreat at the Angela Center (Am-Tar 01)"

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"Exhale the Retreat"
"Day 1 PM - Thank Goodness for Retreat.mp3"
"Day 2 Afternoon - Wholehearted Attention to Body and Mind.mp3"
"Perfect Balance"
"Day 2 Late-AM - Tune-in to the Experience"
"Day 2 PM - The Second Arrow"
"Being Relaxed and Alert"
"LINE 2005-11-20 06:51:42"
"Knowing the World in this Moment"
"Day 3 PM - Blessed Awareness.mp3"
"Day 4 Afternoon - Openhearted Awareness.mp3"
"Day 4 AM - Learning to Use the Tools"
"Day 4 Late-AM - Tips on Sitting Postures.mp3"
"The Cause of Suffering"
"Day 5 AM - Experience of Feeliings"
"Day 5 PM - Extreme Make-over"
"Day 6 Afternoon - Paying Attention 24-7"
"Rest in Knowing"
"Day 6 PM - Mindfulness of Mind"
"Day 7 AM - Being Here"
"Day 7 Late-AM - Adaptability Practices"
"Day 8 AM - An Attitude of Readiness"
"Day 8 Late-Afternoon - What is This Practice"
"Day 8 PM - Seeing Change"
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chanting_book.pdf  (File Size: 4.2M)

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