Index of Jay/02

Index of Jay/02

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"WPN Library #3 (Jay 02)"

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"Until Cessation"
"Noble Lineage"
"Of Gates and Goals Talk At Buddha Dhamma Meditation Centre"
"Pilgrimage to India"
"Developing Right Speech"
"The Broken Windows Theory"
"Know Thy Enemies"
"Happy 2002"
"Life Is Like This"
"Mindfulness, Samatha, Equanimity"
"New Years Eve Talk"
"Nourishing the Practice with Patience and Love"
"Meditation Technique (re-edited)"
"Qualities of a Good Man"
"Secret of Happiness"
"The Logic of Faith"
"We Are Alone Together"
"Full Moon of Faith"
"Good Bye Forever ... Again"
"Balancing the Factors along the Path"
"Contemplate Theravadas only Koan - Dukkha"
"Honoring the Buddha with our Practice"
"Clear Experience Leading Onwards"
"Living with Ambiguity"
"The Beauty of Peace"
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