Index of Jay/03

Index of Jay/03

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Dhamma Talks 2 (Jay 03)"

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"Dukkha Machine"
"Encouragement to Equanimity"
"End of Pansah 1997"
"Inclining towards peace"
"Its not very far at all"
"King Ajayasathu"
"Kondanna knows (A)"
"Kondanna knows (B)"
"Liberating Life"
"Like a Full Moon in a Clear Sky"
"Mother's day (A)"
"Mother's day (B)"
"Mother's Day Special (A)"
"Mother's Day Special (B)"
"Moving inwards"
"Nibbida (evening meeting)"
"Parting the veils of the mundane (A side)"
"Parting the veils of the munda"
"Practice - a challenge or a pr"
"Practice - a challenge or a pr"
"Practice for the Sasana"
"Practice in all situations"
"Recognizing the upakkilesas (A"
"Recognizing the upakkilesas (B"
"Right Effort"
"Satisfaction from the holy life"
"Security in the process of let"
"Security in the process of let"
"Seeing the costs and benefits"
"Seeing the costs and benefits"
"Skilfully meditating"
"Superstition and the Five Khan"
"Supporting foundations for anapanasati"
"The 16 upakilesas"
"The defiled and the undefiled"
"The Great Escape (A)"
"The Great Escape (B)"
"The shining light of Truth"
"Until cessation (A)"
"Until cessation (B)"
"Wordly Dhammas (A)"
"Wordly Dhammas (B)"

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