Index of Jay/05

Index of Jay/05

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Dhamma Threads: Ajahn Jayasaro Dhamma Talks Volume 1 (Jay 05)"

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"Q&A: Taking Responsibility (Topics: Nazi Germany, Hypnotic state, pig factory cartoon, what is buddhism, faith)"
"Q&A: Sila, Karma and Intention (Topics: controlling emotions, homosexuality, lying)"
"Q&A: Making Merit and Dana (Topics: goal of practicing, chanting in pali, karma)"
"Q&A: Path of Liberation (Topics: Abhidhamma, precious human birth)"
"Faith - Abhayagiri USA"
"Inside And Out - Abhayagiri USA"
"Beauty of Sila - WPN Ubon"
"Buddhism: an Education/Training System, The Nature of Experience (Topics: sila, morality, precepts, delayed gratification, patience and endurance, mindfulness, courage, 4 noble truths, desire)"
"Q&A - Bangkok"
"Mother's Day Special - WPN Ubon"
"The Great Escape - WPN Ubon"
"Costs And Benefits of Desire - WPN Ubon"
"Upakkilesas - WPN Ubon"
"Satisfaction From The Holy Life - WPN Ubon"
"Security in The Process of Letting Go - WPN Ubon"
"Guided Meditation - Bangkok"

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