Index of Jay/07

Index of Jay/07

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"WPN remaster (Jay 07)"

Audio Image
"01 Nourishing the practice with love and patience_2001-11-18_39min"
"02 Costs and Benefits of Desires_WPN Ubon_1998-09-22_49min"
"03 Dukkha as a noble teaching_2001-11-18_35min"
"04 The love of truth_1998-05-14_27min"
"05 Leadership_2000-12-09_57min"
"06 Chanda vs Tanha_2000-12-27_41min"
"07 Living with ambiguity_2001-07-12_58min"
"08 Boundless Heart_2001-08-10_52min"
"09 Attachment_2001-07-18_46min"
"10 Water_2001-07-24_39min"
"11 Kissing Asavas or Kicking Asavas_2001-04-16_60min"
"12 REgain your balance in Bhavana_2001-06-02_52min"
"13 Sensuality_2001-07-20_35min"
"14 A room of no-self_2001-09-30_44min"
"15 Dhamma talk in Melbourne_2002-02-14_60min"
"16 Q and A in Melbourne_2002-02-14_53min"

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