Index of Khema/05

Index of Khema/05

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Retreat Talks - Green Gulch (Khema 05)"

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"Talk 10 - Q&A: Tuesday night & Wednesday night"
"Talk 11 - Loving-Kindness Meditations: Compassion, Seed of Enlightenment"
"Talk 12 - First Jhana: corruptions of Insight; Second Jhana - hindrances"
"Talk 13 - Annata - corelessness"
"Talk 14 - Q&A: Thursday & Friday"
"Talk 15 - Contemplations: 32 parts of the body, death and dying"
"Talk 16 - Third & Fourth Jhana; Fifth & Sixth Jhana"
"Talk 17 - Dhamma in every-day life; Refuge & Precepts"
"Talk 1 - Benefits of Meditation; Meditation instructions"
"Talk 2 - Five Loving-Kindness Meditations: Most Beloved, Lotus Flower, Flower Garden, Breathe in Peace, Gratitude"
"Talk 3 - Spiritual Mindfulness"
"Talk 4 - Contemplations: mindfulness, dukkha, elements"
"Talk 5 - Q&A: Saturday & Sunday morning"
"Talk 6 - Purification of the emotions: Impersonal Love (Loving-Kindness) and Equanimity"
"Talk 7 - Q&A: Sunday evening & Monday morning"
"Talk 9 - 3 Characteristics: Impermanance, Dukkha, Corelessness"

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