Index of Khema/08

Index of Khema/08

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Retreat Talks Santa Cruz - The Jhanas Part Two (Khema 08)"

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"Talk 2 - Introduction to the Suttas; Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Morality"
"Talk 4 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Guarding the sense, Mindfulness & Clear Comprehension; Contentment"
"Talk 5 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The 5 hindrances and their similes"
"Talk 6 - Q&A (This tape might have been mislabeled)"
"Talk 7 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The first meditative absorptions (1st Jhana)"
"Talk 9 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The 2nd and 3rd meditative absorptions; Insights arising from 2nd & 3rd Jhana"
"Talk 10 - Five Loving-Kindness Meditations (golden light, Buddha-Dhamma-Sangha, Compassion, mother & child, golden vessel)"
"Talk 11 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The 4th meditative absorption. Insight into mind and body"
"Talk 12 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The 5th and 6th meditative aborptions. Infinity of Space and Infinity of Consciousness; Insight into Self"
"Talk 14 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - The 7th meditative absorption. Cessation of perception; Insight into Self"
"Talk 15 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Disenchantment, Dispassion; The 4 Noble Truths"
"Talk 17 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Cessation of craving; What is conducive to Nibbana"
"Talk 18 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Removing the illusion of Self; Insight-Wisdom"
"Talk 20 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Which is the real Self?"
"Talk 21 - Potthapada Sutta D.N.9 - Path & Fruit; The goal of the practice"
"Talk 23 - Four Loving-Kindness Meditations (fountain of love, joy with others, candle glowing, compassion)"
"Talk 24 - The Discourse on Loving-Kindness (Karaniya Metta Sutta)"
"Talk 25 - The Discourse on Loving-Kindness continued"
"Talk 26 - The Discourse on Loving-Kindness continued"
"Talk 27 - Loving-Kindness Meditations; Chanting"
"Talk 29 - Where do we go from here? Sharing of merits"

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