Index of Sona/11

Index of Sona/11

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Calgary Nov 2004 (Sona 11)"

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"Death as gateway to understanding life (Topics: marana sati, dependent origination, causality, the 12 factors, grasping, types of feelings, meaning, nibbana, meditation, pleasant, unpleasant and neutral, conditioned happiness)"
"The nature of the self and living in the now (Topics: selflessness, simile of the lute, who are you?, first cause, now, present moment,purpose of meditation, spiritual life, awakening, conditioned mind, St. Francis, choices)"
"Be, breathe, Walk and smile (Topics: nonexpectation, beginner's mind, skillful effort, be natural, finding your breath, no evaluation, aspiration, enjoy, causes)"
"Understanding cessation (Topics: Self-assessment, change, freedom, attachment, renunciation, letting go, loving kindness, neutral peacefulness, ill will, reflection, vipassana, wisdom)"
"Following retreat: Taking peace home (Topics: peace, family, education, diligence, skilfulness, continuity, restraint, mindfulness, posture, attachments, Right View, blame, wholesome/unwholesome, guilt, Beautiful path, forgiveness)"
"A meditation action plan (Topics: feelings, delusion, consciousness, encouragement, critical decisions, thinking, non-discursive mind, listening, conceptualization)"
"Making Meditation Big Enough and Dealing with Difficult People (Topics: conflict, difficult people, consciousness, mind, mental processes, love, neutrality, anger, calm, guarding senses, rehearsing, practice, supportive people, skilfulness, confidence, fault, blame, imagination, memory, wisdom, reflection, walking meditation)"
"Meal Blessing"
"Q and A: Attachment and Suffering (Topics: Ajahn Chah, patience, endurance, a child's suffering, the body, equanimity, pain, suffering, wisdom, healing meditation, gratitude, music, dance, celebration, contemplatives, surrender, pride, freedom, disinterest, happiness, unconditioned joy, feelings, observing, desire, paradox, selfishness, ignorance)"

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