Index of Sona/12

Index of Sona/12

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"10 day Retreat at Birken (Sona 12)"

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"Introduction to 10 day retreat: Journey like a canoe trip (Topics: flow, conditions, wholesome, stream-enterer, attitude, repetition, peace, contentment, breathe, naturalness, technique, appreciation, gradual)"
"Meditation opens amazing possibility (Topics: peace, ease, warming, relaxing, grace, equanimity, detachment, exercises)"
"Dhamma truth never wears out (Topics: Inter-spiritual, listening, truth, language, Sufi, Jewish, Christian, contemplative level)"
"What we're here for: The purpose of retreat (Topics: teatime vs. dhamma talk, meditation technique, cnetering, endless thought, into the body, salvation, direct moment, wind down, determination, frustration, concrete practices, intuitive knowledge, waiting, listening, samadhi, stillness, serenity, simple, virtue, peace, ease, joy, energy, contentment, put in the causes)"
"meditation is both bigger and smaller than you think: give yourself time to "arrive" at the monastery during retreat (Topics: arriving, faith, peace, expectations, drowsiness, smile, eyes open, eyes shut, loving kindness, attention, sensitivity, silence, death, impermanence, uncertainty, balance, wisdom, skilful means, patience, energy)"
"Contemplation subjects for meditation (Topics: reflections, contemplation, breath, lovingkindness, the unbeautiful, death, loss, change, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, serenity, non-self, trust, hermits, continuation, annhilation, Socrates, surprises, Ananda, unknown, uncertainty)"
"The Hindrances (Topics: hindrances, gatekeeper, 4 foundations, 7 factors, interest, energy, aversion, craving, agitation, Robert Frost, peace, equanimity, balance, long view, haste, desirelessness, Socrates, good, true, beautiful, patience, tapas, 8 fold path, illwill, sobana, Ajahn Brahm, Abidhamma, smiling consciousness, breath, skilfulness)"
"Q and A: Retreat flow, Buddha and Christ, reading of Sutta 201 in Numerical Discourses (Topics: retreat, demanding, sowing seeds, thinking, freedom, liberation, numerical discourses, Ananda, questioning, 4 Foundations, 7 factors, poisoned arrow, gatekeeper, distraction, intellectualizing, disenchantment, art, signs, Christ, Buddha, bodhisattva, skill, suffering)"
"Purifying virtue and proactive meditation (Topics: tranquility, virtue, goodwill, precepts, energy, purification, peace, Abidhamma, serenity, energy, right effort, sama sati, 7 factors, cultivating, being proactive, equanimity, balance)"
"Conditions for Samadhi (Topics: samadhi, natural, inherent, hindrances, deserving, energy, group, focused, deliberate, personal, cleanse, freedom, surrender, light, bright, stillness, alive, aim, mindfulness, vipassana, jhana)"
"Masking Dukkha, and a Reading and Commentary on Sutta 39 in Middle Length Sayings (Topics: dukkha, Ananda, pain, anatta, ownerlessness, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th jhanas, rapture, piti, hindrances, seclusion, energy, apprentice, active, bikkhu, Ajahn Thanissaro, breath, self-confidence, concentration, equanimity, potentialities, pure bright mind, luminous, samadhi, samatha, poetry of the Buddha; metaphors of bathman, lake, pond of lotuses, white cloth; simile of light)"
"Reflections and encouragement at Close of 10 day retreat (Topics: fear, samadhi, insight, patient endurance, positive energies, suffering, types of meditators, Ajahn Munindo, Ajahn Tade, Ajahn Chah, drops from a tap, wisdom, waiting, humor, dissolving problems, keeping things simple)"

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