Index of Sona/18

Index of Sona/18

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Tea Time Talks at Birken (Sona 18)"

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"Responses to Two Questions: 5 ways to remove a grudge and Feelings of guilt about a creative career (Topics: numbered sayings, anger, resentment, loving kindness, compassion, equanimity, content of mind, ritual, karma, eightfold path, right intention, reactions, sense restraint, wisdom, desire, aversion, detachment, conditioning, fault, dependent origination, emotional residue, cultivating goodwill, right speech, tension and resolution, peace, competition, success, creative meditation, planning meditation)"
"Q and A: Meditation instruction, attachment to self, head shaving (Topics: pain, beginners, schedule, relax, postures, bench, energy, chair, lotus, bootcamp mentality, sit/walk, ordinary wisdom, loving kindness, the unbeautiful, "asuba", novice ordination, breath, death, impermanence, leaning, quiet, techniques, Ajahn Chah, borrowed car, vanity, equality, attachment)"
"Q and A: Disspelling the triggers of anger, and relative value of meditation techniques (Topics: anger, impatience, delusion, surprise meditation, mindfulness, sati, remembering the instructions, rehearse, skilful response, 5 subjects for frequent recollection, resistance, Ajahn Brahm, goodwill, compassion, equanimity, Mother Theresa, success and failure, listening, Ram Dass, patience vs. waiting, samatha, vipassana, self inquiry, concentration, wisdom, Goenka, correcting another self care)"
"Dealing with belittling criticism and sarcasm (Topics: unshakeable confidence, virtue, intention, wisdom, anger/desire, self-esteem vs. self love, gifts to others, safety, clarity, trust, intoxicants, pain, renunciation, owning, non-self, praise and blame, equanimity, Martin Luther King, 4 Sublime Abidings, scrapbook, agape/metta, like vs. love)"
"What is contemplation? How to handle impatience? (Topics: contemplation, samadhi, reflection, Christian vs. Asian traditions, jhanas, vitaka vicara, noble silence, waiting, patience, highest austerity, relaxing, ease, energy, paramis, khanti, suppressing anger, loving kindness, causes, wise attention, attachment, chanda, delusion, samatha, vipassana, virtue)"
"Q and A: addressing distractions of nature, killing mosquitoes and weeds, need for sleep, knowing if you're enlightened, chubby "Buddha" figurines (Topics: attachment, seeing beauty, nature, low sensory environment, hermit story,conditioning, self-completion, contentment, peace, samadhi, monks, volition, khamma, intention, ill-will, patience, boa in cave story, just enough, wisdom, metta, precepts, fetters, hindrances, 1st, 2nd, 3rd stages of enlightenment, being happy, conceit, stream-enterer, meditation, arahant, bodhishattva, Theravada tradition)"
"Frivolous speech (Topics: 8 fold path, right speech, good sense, beneficial, ease and peace, intention, lying, harsh speech, malicious speech, babble, frivolous speech, wholesome vs. unwholesome, discursive thought, Ghandi, true, rehearse, loveingkindness, right time, families, sangha, Tao Te Ching, protection, white lies, serenity, concentration, grief, anger, evils, fantasies, want, joy, generosity)"
"Living Outside of the Culture, "who/what" is reincarnated (Topics: hermit stories, dependency, restlessness, books, secret addictions, sensory deprivation, simplifying, John Cage, no self, process, memories, body, consciousness, river of events, causal connection, patterns, flow, dukkha, control, conditions, identity, carving away, throwing away, investing, death, uncertainty, transition, samsara)"
"Dealing with body restlessness or sleepiness during meditation, and protection of lovingkindness (Topics: postures, walking fast,low or backwards, Jack Kornfield, Ajahn Chah, sitting on well edge, contemplation of death, urgency, breath, appreciation, bear and tiger stories, road love/road rage)"
"Cultural stories, Meditation on the elements (Topics: fans in Asia, blessings, throwing water, washing feet, bathing monks, honoring, cultural stories, respect, paraise and blame, elements, air, water, fire, earth, serenity, kasina, samadhi, anchor for mind, ordinary consciousness, worry, nibbana, jhanas, hindrances, monastery stays, sensory calming, teachers, retreat centres, jhana monasteries, social service monasteries, westerners and silence)"
"Ajahn Sona shares regarding his spiritual journey (Topics: personal, universal, suffering, insights, "now what?", philosophy, Bertrand Russell, Japan, Mt. Fuji, Trappist monk, music, Buddhism, coming home, meditation, cultural hypnosis, stories, karmic dilemma, practice, gratitude, simple, addictions, atmosphere, process)"

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