Index of Sona/19

Index of Sona/19

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Sona 19: Teatime at Birken Dec 2006"

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"Teatime- being self perception"
"Teatime- Buddhist History and Vinaya"
"Teatime- Devas, unusual teaching methods of Ajahns"
"Teatime- ecological power and kuti building"
"Teatime- elephants, Pascal's wager, nihilism"
"Teatime- enlightenment, spiritual traditions, jhanas"
"Teatime-enlightenment, suffering, happiness"
"Teatime: existentialism, reincarnation, devas, hermitism"
"Teatime- Hindrances, Addictions, Ghost Realm"
"Teatime- hospices, birth control, cultures with traditions of suicide"
"Teatime- interpersonal relationships"
"Teatime- memory,nagas, sense desire - the desert"
"Teatime: moon, forgiveness, anger, delusion, generosity"
"Teatime- rebirth probabilities, hindrances and antidotes"
"Teatime- sanga in society, meditation- samatha, vipassana, metta, benefits"

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