Index of Thana/01

Index of Thana/01

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"10 Day Retreat, ABM, June 2007 (Thana 01)"

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"Right Intention"
"Guided Meditation: 1st Foundation: Contemplation of the Body: Day 1 AM"
"Compassion and Attention: Day 1 PM"
"Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing: Day 1 PM"
"Satipatthana Sutta Reading Connecting Through the Breath: Day 1 PM"
"What For?: Day 1 PM"
"Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing: Day 2 AM"
"Guided Meditation: Great Compassion, Belly: Day 2 PM"
"Satipatthana Sutta Reading: Parts of the Body and Elements"
"The Union of Compassion and Wisdom: Day 2 PM"
"Guided Meditation: Metta: Day 3 AM"
"Guided Meditation: 2nd Foundation of mindfulness- contemplation of feelings: Day 3 PM"
"Devotion and Surrender: Day 3 PM"
"Guided Meditation: Emotions: Day 4 AM"
"Guided Meditation: Softening around pain, the unpleasant: Day 4 PM"
"Sutta Reading 2nd & 3rd contemplation: Day 4 PM"
"The Path of Joy: Day 4 PM"
"Guided Meditation: The Sound of Silence: Day 5 AM"
"The Root of this Longing: Day 5 PM"
"Satipatthana Sutta Reading: Contemplation of Mind-Objects Day 6"
"The Path of Paradox: Day 6 PM"
"Guided Meditation: Resting in the Sound of Silence: Day 7 PM"
"The Four Noble Truths: Day 7 PM"
"Path in Daily Life: Day 7 PM"
"Guided Meditation on Forgiveness: Day 8 AM"
"Guided Meditation: Just This Moment: Day 8 PM"
"Sutta Reading -Conclusion: Day 8 PM"
"Shared Blessings: Day 8 PM"
"Closure Day 9 AM"

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