Index of Thana/02

Index of Thana/02

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"10 Day Retreat December 2007 with Ajahn Thansanti and Ajahn Thaniya (Thana 02)"

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"Yes to What Is"
"Guided Meditation - Receiving The Breath & Standing"
"Guided Meditation - The First Foundation Body"
"Bringing Mind and Heart together"
"Guided Meditation - Loving Friendliness"
"Upekkha The Broken Gong"
"Guided Meditation - Second Foundation Feeling"
"Guided Meditation - The Lovely Breath"
"Guided Meditation - Feeling The Breath"
"Why Meditate"
"The Possibility of Awakening"
"Guided Meditation - Embodied Presence"
"Guided Meditation - Loving Kindness"
"Guided Meditation - Contemplating Change"
"Dismantling Who I am"
"Guided Meditation - Presence with Mind Objects"
"Coming Out of View"
"Guided Meditation - Noticing Space"
"Guided Meditation - Mind Like The Sky"
"What Are The Priorities"
"Guided Meditation - Beyond Time"

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