Index of Tira/01

Index of Tira/01

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"New Year Retreat 2004/5"

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"Introduction for New Year's Self-retreat for experienced meditators (Topics: motivation, types of meditation, tools, judging what's useful, Noble Silence, expectations, intentions, longterm view, habits of mind, change, limitations, helpful attitudes, wise views)"
"First Instructions for Re-establishing Foundations of Practice at Retreat Beginning (Topics: beginner's mind, expectations, habits, breathing, preoccupations, attention, concentration, awareness, collectedness, observing, continuity, patience, endurance, emotions, interest, tranquility, attentiveness)"
"The Middle Way in Meditation: Finding the fine balance (Topics: balance, collectedness, stability, will power, determination, resolution, intentionality, self-awareness, direction, noble effort, disengaging, flexibility, 4 foundations of mindfulness, parts of body, death, clear seeing, reference point)"
"Skillful Meditation: Work with the Mind not against it (Topics: exercises, tools, calm, clear seeing, collectedness, friendliness, patience, flexibility, self-awareness, consistency, limitations, skillfulness, individual experience, point of meditation, nature of mind)"
"Seeing How the Mind Really Is (Topics: transforming, citta, process, collectedness, reactions, tools, balance, mind/body, refuge, resting, investigating, discursive meditation, 4 elements, trial and error)"
"Using Metta to Support Insight Meditation (Topics: unpleasant, pleasant and neutral labels, awareness, resistance, collectedness, calm, sotening, open heart, "pain-program", stories, acceptance, transformation, limitations, ego, non-self, physical sensation, states of mind)"
"Working with the Mind: Habits, Fears, Pain (Topics: greed, aversion, delusion, habits, stories, metta, pain, subject/object, Dhammapada, materiality, human realm, body, concepts, thinking, preparation for death, universal law, gratitude, urgency, good kamma)"
"The Progression and On-going Development of Meditation (Topics: exercises, collectedness, metta, clarity, tools, observing, investigating, wisdom, old habits, sustained attention, questions to ask, transformation, causes, defense mechanisms, confidence, truth, intentions, spiritual powers, skillful means)"
"The Stage of Investigation in Meditation Practice (Topics: discursive thought, observing, middle way, inquiry, body, listening to silence, investigation, applying practice, ego, wisdom, cause/root, mystery, mental phenomena, disengaging, impersonal, anatta, patience, waiting, restlessness, faith)"
"Be With Your Own Experience: Be on the Wave of Awareness (Topics: ignorance, reality, thoughts, process, harmony/disharmony, peace, deeper knowing, limited view, controlling, atta, anatta)"
"The 5 Spiritual Powers and the 5 Hindrances, (then Q&A at 54:26: Meditation, Kamma, Determinism and Transmigration) (talk key words: spiritual powers, defilements, hindrances, ego, nutriment, equanimity, indifference, precious jewels, unpacking, thoughts, transforming Q&A key words: phenomena, relationship, observing, dispassion, ego, restlessness, cause and effect, consciousness, process, action, preservation of self, selflessness, instinctual actions, responding, neuroscience, choice conditioning, space, collectedness, times of day)"
"Integrating Retreat Experiences into a Practical Everyday, Ongoing Spiritual Practice (Topics: review, consolidate, integrate, challenges, benefits, grounding, stabilizing, equanimity, old habits, insight scrapbook, ordinary life, friendliness, collectedness, clarity, energy, strengths and weaknesses)"
"Keeping Contact With Attitude of Meditation (then Q&A at 55:30: Mara and Personal Suffering) (talk key words: integrating, maintaining, exercises, tools, meditation objects, 6 temperaments, skills, flexibility, awareness,calm, insight, breathing, centeredness, attitude, waiting moments, ego, cause and effect, fruit of practice priorities, generosity, relinquishing, paramitas, trust, contemplation, scriptures, patience, faith, confidence, energy, Pali Canon Q&A key words: Mara, awareness, delusion, subject, object, personal, impersonal, suffering)"
"Guided Metta Meditation and Closing Encouragement to continue Practice (Guided Meditation topics: metta, friendliness, attention, breathing, ourselves, direct experience, heart,light, radiating outwards, harmonize with breathing. Closing topics: practice, intentionality, choice, body, collectedness, clarity)"

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