Index of Vajiro/02

Index of Vajiro/02

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Ajahn Vajiro Dhamma Talks Volume 2"

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"Guided Meditation"
"The Ten Recollections"
"May I Abide in Well Being"
"Mindfulness of the Body - Body Sweeping"
"Salutations of the Triple Gem & the Five Aggregates"
"Metta Meditation"
"Q&A: How to Stop Thinking & Kamma"
"What to Pay Attention To"
"The Three Fetters"
"Dealing With Uncertainty"
"Right Effort"
"Five Faculties, Hinayana & Mahayana"
"Five Hindrances, Seven Factors of Enlightenment"
"Sila, Five Precepts"
"Talk given for Vesak 2007"

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