Index of Vir/06

Index of Vir/06

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Dhamma Talks in Ottawa (Vir 06)"

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"Faith and Spiritual Aspiration"
"The Paramis"
"Judgement and Discernment"
"Cultivating Loving Kindness"
"The Four Noble Truths"
"Contemplation of Anicca"
"Ritual in Religion"
"Balancing Will and Devotion"
"What is Religion"
"Investigation of Desire"
"Purification and Attainment"
"Language and Emotions"
"Trust and Contentment"
"Empathy and Discernment"
"Foundations of a Good Life"
"Remembering the Buddha"
"The Four Noble Truths"
"The Four Brahmaviharas"
"Working with Moods of the Mind"
"Removal of Distracting Thought"
"Movement of Love to Worry"
"Meditation and Contemplation"
"The Buddhist Project"
"Faith as a Heart Attitude"
"Guided Meditation"
"Buddhist Principles"
"Reflecting on Empathy"
"Train and Purify the Mind"
"Mindfulness, Inquiry, Vitality"
"Karma and Forgiveness"
"Conventional and Ultimate Trut"
"Ways of Meditation"
"Living a Buddhist Lifestyle"

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