Index of Vir/07

Index of Vir/07

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Dhamma Talks in Ottawa"

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"Homage to Triple Gem"
"Spiritual Forms"
"Path to the Deathless"
"Wonder, Craving"
"Gradual Enlightenment"
"Theravada Buddhism"
"Closing Talk"
"Abandonment Leads to Love"
"Test the Moods of the Mind"
"It's Always Timeless Here and Now"
"Five Powers of the Mind, Pt. 1 - Is There a Way Out of Suffering"
"Choiceless Awareness"
"Finding the Right Balance"
"The Paradox in Practice"
"Determination and Observation"
"The Pursuit of Nibbana"
"Emotional Catharsis"
"A Yearning for Freedom"
"The Noble Eightfold Path"
"Introduction to the Retreat"
"Deeper than the Storyline"
"Right Understanding"
"Right Concentration"
"Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta"
"The Brahmaviharas"
"Service and Generosity"
"Acceptance of Pain"
"Importance of Stopping"
"Guided Meditation"
"The Buddhist Project"
"Monastic Training"
"Lying Meditation"
"Art and Science of Meditation"
"Opening the Heart"
"Spiritual Living"
"Affectionate Attention"
"Mudita Intro. and Guided Meditation"
"Energy, Desire, Faith"
"Mindfulness of Feelings"
"Developing Virtuous Qualities"
"Renunciation as Training"

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