Index of Vir/09

Index of Vir/09

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Arnprior Retreat 2005 (Vir 09)"

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"Kindness, patience, observing (1st 5"
"Sense restraint, witness, metta, trust"
"Q&A unattached love, craving,"
"Generosity, honesty, witnessing"
"Training in present moment awareness"
"Balance in the heart & mind"
"No-self, equanimity, emptiness"
"Stability & balance in meditation"
"Four divine abidings"
"Right understanding and effort"
"Non-greed, non-hatred, non-confusion"
"Not-self is not easy"
"Ajahn Kusalo, present moment tour"
"Ajahn Kusalo"
"purification, training, realization"
"Self view, kamma, attitude to meditation"
"Closing talk"
"3 refuges & 5 precepts"
"body and metta"
"body scan, breath"
"body scan, choiceless awareness"
"cultivating friendliness & compassion"
"cultivating gratitude"
"listening, body scan, breath"

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