Index of Vir/12

Index of Vir/12

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Retreat March 2006 (Vir 12)"

Audio Image
"Intro Retreat 8 Precepts"
"Chant: 8Precepts Pali English"
"Resolve, Reflect, Aware"
"Chant: LovingKindness, English"
"Chant: 4 Brahma Viharas, English"
"Awareness Meditation"
"Body Awareness"
"Chant: Well Being, English"
"Trust Awareness"
"Body Scan"
"Right Effort"
"4NT Discontent"
"Mornings YUCK"
"4 NobleTruths"
"Opening The Heart"
"Nothing To Get"
"Sitting With Pain"
"Pain Joy"
"Dedicated To Jarvis"
"Awareness Practice"
"Readings: Rumi, AjahnChah"
"Reading Control"
"Readings: Awareness"
"Reading Awareness"
"Reading Desire"
"Reading Realization"
"Chant Morning"
"Reading Suffering Reflection"
"Words of Intention"
"Chant LovingKindness English"
"Chant Homage Pali English"
"Generousity Awareness"
"Chant Evening Pali English"
"Chant End Of A Retreat"
"Setting A Determination"
"Chant Closing"
"Summary Reading Awareness"
"Summary Study Practice Realize"
"Chant Of The 5 Precepts"
"Chant Final Pali"
"Dhamma Talk I Ven. Pav"
"Dhamma Talk 2 Ven Pav"

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